Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Eva Longoria – natural putaface!

eva longoria has that natural putaface down perfect!Eva Longoria is best known to most people as the sexy, spicy adultress Gabrielle Solis from ABC’s Desperate Housewives.  She is the youngest of four daughters from a Spanish American family from Texas, and grew up often considered the ugly duckling of the group.  However, as she reached adulthood, she also blossomed into a true stunning natural beauty.

Eva Longoria has an absolute natural putaface when the cameras are around.  This spicy latina doesn’t have to fake it, this look is 100% natural and totally melts the camera from miles away.   Sadly guys, she recently married her NBA player sweetheart Tony Parker, so she is off the market.  But we can still enjoy her stunning good looks and camera seducing putaface eyes!

Jessica Simpson: Major Putaface!

jessica simpson - putaface picJessica Simpson has turned giving putaface looks into an entire career.   There is no debate that Jessica is one of the most stunning blondes in show business today, with a sizable chest and a rather round rump.  More importantly, she isn’t shy to use all the tool of her overt sexuality to get the cameras to pay attention.     She is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that could have pulled of the Daisy Duke role without needing a booty double.

Her putaface looks are amazing.  Every time she looks at a camera, she is just about trying to melt it.  Some people say this isn’t fake, but completely natural, saying that after seeing how much of a ditz she appears to be on her MTV show, they feel she might not be able to fake it.   Certainly her looks have helped her career immensely, and given us tons of great putaface looks!

Hilary Duff gives good face

hilary diff knows how to give a nice putaface Hilary Duff is one of those girls that is still a little shocking to get the Putaface from.  Considering that she spent a long time working for the Mouse House as Lizzie McGuire, most people sort of think Disney, morals clauses in contracts, etc.   Certainly Hilary spent much of her mid teen years dressed as a girl next door average student type, and certainly didn’t set off anyone’s radar.

She has since left the mouse house, turned out a couple of music albums that did so-so, released a clothing line, and has appeared in a number of movies, some of them minor hits and some of them total stinkers that should have gone right to DVD.  However, the mouse house girl blossomed into a real women, and learned a thing or two about life.

She has been spotted with Boy bander Aaron Carter, and then spent a long time going out with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden (now there is a truly bizarre couple), and then Hockey player Mike Comrie.   She has also been spotted once again spending time with Carter.

Interestingly Hilary Duff gives good putaface, yet rumor has her as still a virgin or near virgin.  Interesting stuff!

Lindsay Lohan – No Putaface today!

lindsay Lohan jailhouse photoHere is a lesson on how to not to end up with a putaface picture:  Get it a mugshot taken.

Lindsay Lohan‘s troubles have been the fodder for so many great celeb stories the last little while, from her repeated drunk driving charges to her wild nights out followed by a longer term stay in rehab, this generally hotty 21 year old celeb has made for some seriously bad mugshot pics.  At least in this one her eyes are clear and her pupils a normal size… way to go Lindsay!  She was checking in to serve her one day in jail for drunk driving (Story here)

Hopefully the Lohan will return to her more open minded ways in the future, so we can enjoy some nice putaface pics!

Lisa D’amato

lisa d'amato - putaface?Lisa D’Amato is best known for her stint on America’s Top Model.   She has those typical hot model looks, and knows where the camera is at all times.

Perez Hilton says she has a putaface.  Lisa certainly knows how to seduce the cameras and get everyone to look at her.  She has the come hither look down to an art.  This picture is a good example, you can see the whole pic on the Daily Mail.  Facing away from the camera, over the shoulder look… this is the exact look the paparazzi love!  Chin down, eyes up, you almost expect her to say “okay, come with me now…”.  Talk about 100% pure Putaface!

More about the history of Putaface

Putaface is originally a term used for mostly latina women.  The word Puta means “whore”, which is a nasty sort of word.  But a Putaface isn’t so much the face of a whore, but rather the face of seduction and longing.

Celebrities have taken this to it’s very extreme, and use a putaface to get the camera to pay attention to them.  Often, they will give that over the shoulder look while facing away from the camera.  They try very hard to seduce the camera and make it react to their looks of lust.  Really, they lust after fame, not anything else.

Putaface.com will try to find the best putaface pictures and celebrities and show you how these girls try to seduce the camera for fame and fortune!  Plus of course we have links to the latest stories and the celebrities who maybe have gone a little too far in movies trying to seduce you!  Enjoy!