Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Lily Allen British Putaface

Some girls have to learn how to be a putaface, others come about it all so naturally you would think they were born to it. Lily Allen is one of those girls who just has it all figured out, and knows exactly how to play the media like a fiddle.

Walk around with your boobs hanging out? Check! Go shopping in public wearing really weird outfits and even weirder hats? Check! Get totally sloshed on another celebs boat and run around topless? Check! Bad mouth every other performer and putaface? Check! Do cover songs of the people you bad mouth? Check and check!

While she has a reasonable career in music (mostly in the UK) it has been her public no-nos and paparazzi pleasing flashing and weirdness that have really raised her to the top of public awareness, and has given this girl a special place above and beyond most of the Paris Hilton wannabes.

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Britney Spears Major Putaface

Britney Spears is the proof that a true Putaface is a natural thing, a deep down desire to show off and get your picture taken, no matter what the circumstances. This girl has always known how to seduce the camera, from starting out as a tween on the Mickey Mouse Club to driving around Los Angeles spaced out on whatever and wearing see thru tops, she has done it all in order to get herself noticed. Her naughty schoolgirl look as a wild 16 year old in her video Hit Me Baby One More Time launched her into the sphere of major stardom, and her well chronicled marriage, repeat pregancies, divorce, and mental vacation have all been well documented, often with pictures that I am sure his putaface would wish would disappear. Her new album called Circus is pretty much a reflection of her wild last couple of years, and it’s nice to see her back to her smoking hot putaface self.

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