Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Alyson Michalka, aka Aly

Alyson Michalka isn’t your typical putaface celeb, but she is one of the Mouse House’s products. Best know for her roles in Disney series like Phil of the Future, she also made a pretty big impression in the movie Band Slam, where she played Charlotte Banks. She and her sister are a true musical act, originally called Aly and & AJ and now know as 78violet. She was recently the victim of a stalker who wanted to marry her, and seemed to know way too much about her, such as where her late pets were buried. How odd! She recently stepped up her visiblity with a role in the movie Easy A, and will come back in 2011 with roles in The Roommate and possibly other projects. This has of course lead to more media exposure, and more putaface time for her!

Shauna Sand Playboy Putaface

Shauna Sand is a girl who has turned her good looks into a career of sorts. She was a model early in life, and did fairly well at it. She got quite the education, from ballet scholorships to earning Bachelor degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris. She submitted pictures to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazine, and got plenty of exposure as the Playmate of the Month for May 1996. She went on to work in some films and movies, meeting her future husband Lorenzo Lamas while working on the show Renegade. She has three children with Lamas, and they divorced a while back. She has always managed to stay in the public eye, and now is entering Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to try to kick a “drinking problem”. This show has turned into a public exposure platform for d-listers, perhaps Shauna is planning a hollywood comeback.