Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Natasha Alam

Some girls just know how to get attention, no matter what the situation. Natasha Alam is a Russian born, Russian / American actress and model who has certainly taken steps to be well known. She started out in the early 2000 area with some TV appearances, doing the rounds of famous shows such as CSI and NYPD Blue, doing guest roles that allowed her to get some face time on the air. She also got a 20+ episode run in the long running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. But it is her recent addition to the cult hit True Blood that has gotten her much attention, as she plays a stripper, allowing her vibrant sexuality to show. She has capped that by now being the cover girl for the July 2010 issue of Playboy, giving her a whole lot of exposure in not quite as many clothes as usual. This girl knows how to putaface with the best of them, and is likely to springboard this exposure into something bigger.

Oksana Grigorieva

without a doubt, Oksana Grigorieva is not your typical putaface celeb. This Russian born singer, songwriter, and music teacher hasn’t specifically had a very public career of her own, but rather she has been involved in a series of relationships with various well known people, which has put her in the limelight. Since 1989, she has been married to an unknown Russian guy, British artist Nicholas Rowland, actor Timothy Dalton, and then actor Mel Gibson.

It is her relationship with Gibson that has cause the most ruckus. First off, it would appear that she did a bit of a home wrecker job, blowing up Gibson’s long term marriage to Robyn Moore (29 years), and getting pregnant by him with their daughter Lucia. However, not all is well, and they have split up very publically, including wild accusations of abuse by Gibson, recording of his seemingly racist rantings, etc. Some people believe that Oksana may be gold digging, looking for that perfect settlement that will allow her to live her life in luxury. Others think that the accusations against Gibson are true. No matter what, Oksana Grigorieva has become a celeb putaface, always in the media!