Month: August 2010

Paris Hilton a True Putaface

No matter how many fame whores come and go these days, the model they are all using is the Paris Hilton model. Basically, Paris Hilton is an insanely rich heiress, attached to the Hilton Hotels gold, and pretty much doesn’t really have to do anything in life. But she loves attention, and has done everything […]

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Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities get famous for all sorts of reasons, and in all sorts of ways. Jennifer Aniston got incredibly famous playing Rachel in NBC’s Friends tv show for more than 10 years. Part of that fame, at least for some guys, was that she always seemed to have the high beams on (see image). She has […]

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Montana Fishburne

Okay, this may go down in Putaface history as one of the weirdest and most blatant attempts for a celebspawn trying to get attention for themselves. When I first heard the story, I laughed. Then I found out it is true. Montana Fishburne is the daughter of Movie and TV star Lawrence Fishburne (currently on […]

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