Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Paris Hilton a True Putaface

No matter how many fame whores come and go these days, the model they are all using is the Paris Hilton model. Basically, Paris Hilton is an insanely rich heiress, attached to the Hilton Hotels gold, and pretty much doesn’t really have to do anything in life. But she loves attention, and has done everything to get it, from her Paris Hilton Sex Tape to her reality program The Simple Life (with fellow deb and childhood friend Nicole Richie). Along the way she has had brushes with the law, a string of well known boyfriends, and tons of other ventures – she even made a (horrible) music CD. While she has been quieter the last couple of years, she isn’t always out of trouble. Reportedly, Paris Hilton was arrested in Vegas for cocaine, after being caught in a car pulled over by police. She claims it isn’t hers, either way, it will be news for the celeb shows for a long time to come!

Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities get famous for all sorts of reasons, and in all sorts of ways. Jennifer Aniston got incredibly famous playing Rachel in NBC’s Friends tv show for more than 10 years. Part of that fame, at least for some guys, was that she always seemed to have the high beams on (see image). She has moved on and done a number of movies (including the classic Office Space, where she played the ditzy waitress / love interest). She has made many movies, but as often as not keeps her name in the news with her never ending non-relationships, and her on again off again desire to have kids (she is getting to the age where it is more difficult). An interesting star that knows how to putaface well!

Montana Fishburne

Okay, this may go down in Putaface history as one of the weirdest and most blatant attempts for a celebspawn trying to get attention for themselves. When I first heard the story, I laughed. Then I found out it is true. Montana Fishburne is the daughter of Movie and TV star Lawrence Fishburne (currently on CSI). She’s a pretty decent looking girl. Well, apparently, she has a bit of a wild side on her, and she decides that the best way to get some fame and fortune was to make a sex tape. That’s right, her logic is pretty much that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian got famous from their sex tapes, so why not her? She took the name Chippy D, and along with her aptly named pornstar boyfriend Brian Pumper, they made a sexy home movie. Well, let’s just say that a sex tape isn’t exactly the way to get known, especially when everyone knows you are putting it out just to get famous. One of the more bizarre Putaface moments for sure. You can check out the Chippy D / Montana Fishburne video here (very much NSFW!).