Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is the proof that instant celebrities really do exist, that a little exposure can turn into a lot of exposure overnight. But Snooki is also proof that well managed exposure can really work out. Snooki was first seen on MTV’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”, and then made it onto the cast of “Jersey Shore”, where this 4 foot 9 inch, curvy little guidette was an instant hit, her fist pumping party antics apparently very popular. Her persona has been carefully crafted and has really done well with the public, her famous “poof” of hair becoming almost a parody of itself, being one of the top Halloween costumes a couple of years a back. She has been famous enough to appear on other shows (Such as Cake Boss), and she is relentlessly followed by the media and paparazzi. She is pretty much top page news for anything she does on sites like Perez Hilton or TMZ. She has even been parodied on South Park. Get your copy of Jersey Shore: Season One & Two now!   More recently, she got pregnant, and that pregnancy was used as part of her own show snooki and jwoww vs. the world.  She’s now a Mom and very happy about it!

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is a Canadian Singer, born Eilleen Regina Edwards (also known as Eileen Twain). Her music career started very young, but she really broke out when she met music producer Mutt Lange (best known for acts like AC/DC). They co-wrote much of her breakout country pop crossover The Women In Me album, which went multi-platinum in 1995. They were soon married, and her career continued to skyrocket. She made a number of albums after that (including UP!) and is now considered one of the richest female musicians in the world. She has one son, and was divorced from Lange in 2010. She hit the headlines recently because she is likely to join Celine Dion as “musicians in residence” in Las Vegas, putting two of the most powerful women performers in the world both in the same city.

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