Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Sarah Palin

I think that any politician who wants to get elected has to be a bit of a putaface, they have to want to seduce the camera. Sarah Palin is a masterful putaface, someone who really knows not only how to seduce the camera, but how to weasel her way in front of it at every turn possible. She started out as a small town Alaska mayor, quit that and moved on up to Governor of Alaska, and quit that to try to run for Vice President with John McCain. That didn’t work, but Sarah Palin didn’t shy away, instead she wrote books, hosted a reality show on Discovery, works for Fox News as a “commentator”, has appears on other TV shows, and became the spiritual leader of the Tea Party movement. At this point, the question is Will Sarah Palin Run in 2012? . She keeps trying to putaface for the camera and remain in the public eye. She could be the first woman President of the US.

Check out her book: America by Heart : Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag

Adrianne Curry Putaface Model

I think by definition, any girl who works as a model has either a natural or a learned skill in being a putaface. After all they are selling a look, a style, and more. In the case of Adrianne Curry, she got famous as the winner of America’s Next Top Model, which is certainly a show for being a putaface and selling yourself and your look. She is more than willing it seems to do anything to get attention, one quote from today was Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) didn’t tweet a picture of his boobs (that’s Adrianne Curry’s job), which is sort of a good indication as to what lengths she will go to get attention. She will be starring on Playboy Channel’s Celebrity Sex Tapes program, and spent some time on Howard Stern’s show promoting it and doing what Stern show visitors do. Putaface indeed!