Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller is a bit of an odd case in the land of Putafaces. She is an actress, yes, although her movie career is spotty as it comes (4 credits in IMDB in 13 years), and honestly, I doubt very many people are huge fans of A Love Song For Bobby Long. She has had a much stronger career in real estate, and has apparently made quite a bit of money in that area. However, Brooke Mueller is best know at this point as one of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives. Most notably, she is the wife that he apparently got into a big fight at Christmas a couple of years back that got him charges and such. She is the mother of Two of Charlie’s children. She is also a frequent flier on the rehab circuit, recently landing back in rehab after apparently crashing off the wagon, leading to more legal action with the “fast on the draw” Sheen, who appears to have his lawyers on speed dial for things like this. As a result of all of this, Brooke Mueller is often front page gossip paper news, a real putaface without intention.

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