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Amanda Bynes Back to Batsh*t Crazy

A couple of years back, teen star turned nutty adult Amanda Bynes was officially locked up on a 5150 psych hold after she pretty much went batsh*t crazy, after a really weird incident with fire, her dog, and some gasoline. While locked up, she was put into a conservatorship run by parents, diagnosed as bipolar, […]

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Amanda Bynes Nears Officially Bat Sh-t Crazy Status

Well, it’s sad to say but it’s pretty much nearing official status: Amanda Bynes is bat sh-t crazy. Well, not crazy I guess, but has significant mental issues to deal with. A few months I mentioned that I thought Amanda Bynes was on a downward spiral, and well, she crashed at the end of crazy […]

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Amanda Bynes On The Downward Spiral?

It wasn’t all that long ago that I wrote about sexy blond Amanda Bynes being a real Putaface and pretty much doing anything to keep the attention of the media. Certainly her Twitter account has been an incredible journey of weirdness and delight, as this girl doesn’t seem to have an off button, at least […]

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