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Justin Beiber Arrested Putaface

Okay, as a general policy I tend to talk about FEMALE stars on this blog, they make better putafaces and have way more luck at seducing the camera, but I do make exceptions for anyone making a complete and total a-hole out of themselves. Well, that and many people consider Justin Beiber to be a […]

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Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller is a bit of an odd case in the land of Putafaces. She is an actress, yes, although her movie career is spotty as it comes (4 credits in IMDB in 13 years), and honestly, I doubt very many people are huge fans of A Love Song For Bobby Long. She has had […]

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Shauna Sand Playboy Putaface

Shauna Sand is a girl who has turned her good looks into a career of sorts. She was a model early in life, and did fairly well at it. She got quite the education, from ballet scholorships to earning Bachelor degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris. She submitted pictures to […]

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