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celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Justin Beiber Arrested Putaface

justin beiber mug shot

Okay, as a general policy I tend to talk about FEMALE stars on this blog, they make better putafaces and have way more luck at seducing the camera, but I do make exceptions for anyone making a complete and total a-hole out of themselves. Well, that and many people consider Justin Beiber to be a bit of a girl anyway, right? Well, this Canadian singing sensation got himself a whole lot of publicity in the last two days, which culminated in his arrest for drunk / intoxicated driving, drag racing, and resisting an officer. This silly putaface was drag racing, on a public street, with his stealthy bright yellow Lamborghini – against an equally well hidden bright red Ferrari. Oh, and Justin’s people (including reportedly his father!) blocked the street off to let the race happen, in the Miami area. Police stopped him, and let’s say Just Beiber apparently didn’t do very good on the field sobriety test, and moreover didn’t cooperate with the authorities. This is a perfect end to his little Miami get away that included Justin Beiber in a strip club making it rain on the girls with $75,000 of 1 dollar bills. He’s now got a great mugshot to show the world, and if the egging episode on California runs it’s course, he might have a second mugshot in very short order. Justin Beiber has gone from young and rich to apparently young, rich, and very stupid. Not to wish anything bad, but I am betting a few people have added Justin Beiber on their dead pool.

Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller is a bit of an odd case in the land of Putafaces. She is an actress, yes, although her movie career is spotty as it comes (4 credits in IMDB in 13 years), and honestly, I doubt very many people are huge fans of A Love Song For Bobby Long. She has had a much stronger career in real estate, and has apparently made quite a bit of money in that area. However, Brooke Mueller is best know at this point as one of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives. Most notably, she is the wife that he apparently got into a big fight at Christmas a couple of years back that got him charges and such. She is the mother of Two of Charlie’s children. She is also a frequent flier on the rehab circuit, recently landing back in rehab after apparently crashing off the wagon, leading to more legal action with the “fast on the draw” Sheen, who appears to have his lawyers on speed dial for things like this. As a result of all of this, Brooke Mueller is often front page gossip paper news, a real putaface without intention.

Shauna Sand Playboy Putaface

Shauna Sand is a girl who has turned her good looks into a career of sorts. She was a model early in life, and did fairly well at it. She got quite the education, from ballet scholorships to earning Bachelor degree in International Business Administration from The American University of Paris. She submitted pictures to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazine, and got plenty of exposure as the Playmate of the Month for May 1996. She went on to work in some films and movies, meeting her future husband Lorenzo Lamas while working on the show Renegade. She has three children with Lamas, and they divorced a while back. She has always managed to stay in the public eye, and now is entering Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to try to kick a “drinking problem”. This show has turned into a public exposure platform for d-listers, perhaps Shauna is planning a hollywood comeback.