Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Amanda Bynes Back to Batsh*t Crazy

amanda bynes crazy

A couple of years back, teen star turned nutty adult Amanda Bynes was officially locked up on a 5150 psych hold after she pretty much went batsh*t crazy, after a really weird incident with fire, her dog, and some gasoline. While locked up, she was put into a conservatorship run by parents, diagnosed as bipolar, given the right meds, and finally brought back to the real world. She even started to go to fashion school to “learn a trade” or something like that. She seemed to be going good until it was revealed that conservator status had expired a couple of months ago, that she was off her meds, back to apparently self-medicating with weed, and generally heading back to batsh*t crazy town. That town is apparently New York, where she is now hanging out and getting into all sorts of weirdness, including apparently not realizing she needs to pay for things in stores, wandering around talking to herself, and generally being weird. TMZ has her on full stake out, because they know it’s only a matter of time before she does something that will get her locked up. The hope is that it’s nothing too tragic, but you never know with this girl.

Justin Beiber Arrested Putaface

justin beiber mug shot

Okay, as a general policy I tend to talk about FEMALE stars on this blog, they make better putafaces and have way more luck at seducing the camera, but I do make exceptions for anyone making a complete and total a-hole out of themselves. Well, that and many people consider Justin Beiber to be a bit of a girl anyway, right? Well, this Canadian singing sensation got himself a whole lot of publicity in the last two days, which culminated in his arrest for drunk / intoxicated driving, drag racing, and resisting an officer. This silly putaface was drag racing, on a public street, with his stealthy bright yellow Lamborghini – against an equally well hidden bright red Ferrari. Oh, and Justin’s people (including reportedly his father!) blocked the street off to let the race happen, in the Miami area. Police stopped him, and let’s say Just Beiber apparently didn’t do very good on the field sobriety test, and moreover didn’t cooperate with the authorities. This is a perfect end to his little Miami get away that included Justin Beiber in a strip club making it rain on the girls with $75,000 of 1 dollar bills. He’s now got a great mugshot to show the world, and if the egging episode on California runs it’s course, he might have a second mugshot in very short order. Justin Beiber has gone from young and rich to apparently young, rich, and very stupid. Not to wish anything bad, but I am betting a few people have added Justin Beiber on their dead pool.

Possibly The Worst Selfie Ever

worst selfie everJessica Sugar Kiper is probably best known for appearing on Survivor Season 17, where she finished 3rd, which is no simple task. She has worked pretty hard to be an actress and such, using Survivor in a sense to promote her brand. She has also been on Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew, so you know that she isn’t shy to expose herself publicly for attention. It’s pure putaface stuff, it’s basically the idea that getting your name out there is better than nothing. Well, Jessica Kiper may have hit the jackpot this past weekend by getting stopped in New Orleans for DWI (which in itself is an accomplishment, considering they have drive-thru Daiquiri stands!), but by using her time in the back of the cop car not for solemn reflection but instead to take this selfie – possibly the worst selfie ever, at least for a celeb. I don’t throw dirt on her because we all have our issues, so the DWI is what it is, but the selfie is classic need for attention stuff, and I guess it works, I am writing about it here!

Kris and Bruce Jenner Seperated

kris jenner kardashianFor Many people, Kris Jenner (nee Kristen Mary Houghton, formerly Kris Kardashian by marriage) is the matriarch and leading force behind the putaface family the Kardashians, with daughters Khloe and Kim being the leading figures. Many people will out and out call her a publicity whore, not shamed at all to do almost anything to get attention and be famous. Her most recent attempt was hosting a daytime syndicated talker called (not shockingly) Kris, where she even tried to play off the reveal of her grand child North West, the baby from her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Even that stunt and all the attention it got in the celeb media wasn’t enough to save her show from getting to the end of a 6 week trial run and being cancelled outright. So now comes the news that long time second husband, former Olympian Bruce Jenner, has made it clear that they have actually been seperated for quite a while, and he is happier away from the pressure of the fame whoring family. It’s another stunning turn for a family that has made everything public and fallen on hard times more than once. With daughter Khloe going through a painful time in her marriage in a very public way, it seems there is nothing that this family won’t do for attention, good or bad!

Simpsons Renewed for 26th Season

homer simpsonIn the world of TV, few stars have gotten the overall pure putaface exposure of Homer Simpson, except perhaps for his slickly drawn son Bart Simpson. The news came out this week that the Simpsons TV show, already the longest running scripted show in history, will be extended for another year by Fox. That means there were be at least 26 seasons of the Simpsons, possibly more as this year the ratings are up 12%! The show has managed to keep itself in the news by being timely and up to date without going to far off the tracks, and has watched as pretty much every other show put around it (from King of the Hill to the god awful The Critic) have come and gone – and this family of “poor yellow trash” continues to crank out the episodes and the press coverage. Rumor has it that a Simpsons / Futurama combined episode is possible, that could be pretty wild – and certainly will get more press for Homer Simpson and his clan!

Britney Spears Forced To Sexualize Her Image

britney spears work itI don’t know if I can take this story too seriously, but hey, it has gotten Britney Spears a little more attention for her Work it B**ch video and single. You have to remember that it’s not more than a couple of years ago that Britney Spears went crazy and has ended up with what might be a life long conservatorship over her life and business (run by her Dad). Her image is carefully crafted, and ever since Hit Me Baby and her very sexualized schoolgirl look, it’s always been about being hot and naughty. Well, suddenly Britney Spears is talking about her latest video and how she had to get it edited to tone it down, because it was too much. “Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it’s just hard to play sexy mom while you’re being a pop star as well.”. Okay then… all I can say is there are more than a few people who would be interested to see what got cut, considering what is actually IN the edited version! Is this story really true, or just another way to get a few more minutes attention for her look and attitude?