Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Stacy Keibler Famous For Being Famous?

stacy keibler
Stacy Keibler is one of those girls who has almost created a career out of being well known. Not Courtney Stodden pure fame whoring, but rather by being more than willing to do whatever to stay famous. She got her big break with WCW and then WWE wrestling, as one of the Divas. She has very long legs and was never shy to show them off, and she sort of leveraged that “exposure” into magazine appearances, including some sizzling stuff in men’s mags like Maxum. She also wrote fitness columns for a magazine for a while, and has appeared in some movies and TV shows, but never quite hitting the top. She did very well on Dancing with Stars, and perhaps her most notable starring role was as George Clooney’s longest running girlfriend. That said, it all adds up to more about fame than anything else it seems, and a recent story on TMZ shows a “source” (code word often for agent or manager that doesn’t want to get quoted) saying she isn’t going back to wrestling. Too bad, perhaps, as some of her best work has been done lingerie wrestling!

Julianne Hough

julianne houghI have to say that the first thing about Julianne Hough that surprised me is finding out that she is only 24, considering how busy she has been, and also because she looks much more mature (some might say used up). She is best known either for her top selling country music albums, or for her two time champion status as the professional dancer on Dancing With Stars (US edition). Then again, it may be also because she has been connected with a few very powerful men, most recently dating the 21st century Dick Clark replacement, Ryan Seacrest. She’s also been seen out and photographed in quite a collection of tiny little bikinis, showing off a very sexy look and generally seducing the cameras, keeping her star power high. She ranks well enough that almost anything about her is instant fodder for the online tabloid sites like TMZ. Safe to say at such a young age, this putaface is likely to keep filling out screens for a long time to come.

Kate Gosselin

here is one of those cases where if I made up some totally stupid collections of lies about someone, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as incredible as the Mom turned seeming fame whore that is Kate Gosselin. Kate Gosselin is the product of the worst sort of navel gazing reality programming that exists, the TLC “family” or “growing up” shows. Kate’s special skill? Popping out kids. She had twins the first time out, and then with the help of modern medicine, she popped out 6 more munchkins the next time around. The show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, was a hit for some reason, sort of the same reason that circus freak shows use to work I guess. Anyway, an ugly divorce and whatnot has ended with the show no longer on the air but Kate trying to ride her fame further. Now it comes out that Kate Gosselin will appear on Dancing with the Stars 2010 edition. I guess fame has it’s privileges. I wonder who will take care of the kids while she is dancing?