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Danica Patrick Very Fast Putaface

Danica Patrick is proof that not all car racers have a spare tire in their shirts. This petite Indy Car star is proof that a girl can be smart, sexy, and damn fast. She is also proof that done right, a girl can use her good looks and nice smile to generate plenty of buzz. She hasn’t been shy to do sexy pictures for SI.COM, Maxim, and other men’s magazines, show off her petite and very tight natural curves (some say she is a little too petite), all the while seducing the camera and getting attention to her personal brand, Danicamania. This spring, she took Danicamania to a new frontier, starting in an ARCA and the a couple of NASCAR races, getting some very high ratings and actually doing pretty well in a new form of racing. Like I said, she is a cutie who knows how to seduce the camera, but she is also fast and knows how to drive! Learn more about Danica Patrick here!