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Kate Gosselin

here is one of those cases where if I made up some totally stupid collections of lies about someone, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as incredible as the Mom turned seeming fame whore that is Kate Gosselin. Kate Gosselin is the product of the worst sort of navel gazing reality programming that exists, the TLC “family” or “growing up” shows. Kate’s special skill? Popping out kids. She had twins the first time out, and then with the help of modern medicine, she popped out 6 more munchkins the next time around. The show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, was a hit for some reason, sort of the same reason that circus freak shows use to work I guess. Anyway, an ugly divorce and whatnot has ended with the show no longer on the air but Kate trying to ride her fame further. Now it comes out that Kate Gosselin will appear on Dancing with the Stars 2010 edition. I guess fame has it’s privileges. I wonder who will take care of the kids while she is dancing?