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Kendall Jenner Keeps Up The Family Traditions

While the name Kendall Jenner might not exactly ring bells with everyone, once you know her family linage, you will understand why this girl is such an over the top putaface – and she was even that way BEFORE her 18th birthday too. See, Kendall Jenner is the daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner and […]

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Courtney Stodden Lettuce Bikini

I don’t know how this stunning piece of putaface work got past me, but better late than never, right? Insanely Busty Courtney Stodden decided to support Peta by handing out veggie dogs at one of their promotional events, dressed only in a lettuce bikini. Yup, that’s right, you can see how original the idea is, […]

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Courtney Stodden

It’s rare that I say this, but outside of perhaps Lady Gaga, Courtney Stodden has turned out to be one of the best putafaces around. What makes her even more interesting (besides her titanic bosoms) is that she apparently isn’t really selling anything or trying to accomplish and particular goal with her putafacing. She appears […]

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Katy Kung

In the hyper competitive world of the Hong Kong TV and movie industry, girls often have to work very hard to get noticed and to get ahead. Many of the star performers started out as beauty queens or swim suit models. Katy Kung (full name Katy Kung Ka Yan) is no exception, this cute 22 […]

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Natasha Alam

Some girls just know how to get attention, no matter what the situation. Natasha Alam is a Russian born, Russian / American actress and model who has certainly taken steps to be well known. She started out in the early 2000 area with some TV appearances, doing the rounds of famous shows such as CSI […]

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Oksana Grigorieva

without a doubt, Oksana Grigorieva is not your typical putaface celeb. This Russian born singer, songwriter, and music teacher hasn’t specifically had a very public career of her own, but rather she has been involved in a series of relationships with various well known people, which has put her in the limelight. Since 1989, she […]

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