Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

More about the history of Putaface

Putaface is originally a term used for mostly latina women.  The word Puta means “whore”, which is a nasty sort of word.  But a Putaface isn’t so much the face of a whore, but rather the face of seduction and longing.

Celebrities have taken this to it’s very extreme, and use a putaface to get the camera to pay attention to them.  Often, they will give that over the shoulder look while facing away from the camera.  They try very hard to seduce the camera and make it react to their looks of lust.  Really, they lust after fame, not anything else.

Putaface.com will try to find the best putaface pictures and celebrities and show you how these girls try to seduce the camera for fame and fortune!  Plus of course we have links to the latest stories and the celebrities who maybe have gone a little too far in movies trying to seduce you!  Enjoy!


What is Putaface?  According to the urban dictionary:


facial expression of a salty (see “salty”) girl when staring longingly at her puto. consists of batting eyelashes, licking lips, crossing arms and the tilting of the head. can also be putoface when performed by a male specimen.

“lala’s putafaces towards nigel(see “nigel”) were off the chain on superbowl sunday”

“when her nator(see “nator”) emerges she gives mad putafaces”

That come hither look, the look of sexuality and blinding desire… the steamy gaze of a girl who wants you now… on in the case of celebrities, their attempts to seduce the camera and get the paparazzi to take their picture.   Come hither!