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Kiele Sanchez

Kiele Sanchez (pronounced Kee-Lee) is an American actress of mixed French and Puerto Rican background. She has sort of been on the edge of fame for nearly 10 years. She first tried out to be an MTV VJ, and actually made it into the final step of the competition. She has appeared in a few TV shows (like Lost, but she was apparently blown out because the fans didn’t like her character much), and pilots that didn’t get picked up. She also did some incredibly hot shots for stuff magazine and appearing in a number of movies, best known for her semi nude scene in The Getaway with Milla Jovich. About a year ago, she got picked up for an A&E original show called The Glades, starring opposite Matt Passmore, and she hasn’t looked back since. She is a very unique looking girl and appeals to many men, and has turned out to be quite popular. With the second season of this show, this sexy Latina actress is making more public appearances and is moving on with other movies as well!

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