Kim Kardashian Professional Putaface

kim kardashian putaface for sure!Kim Kardashian is one of those professional putafaces that just never seems to go away.  This girls only two true claims to fame are her late father (OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian) and her apparent willingness to get naked and get naughty in a very raunchy home movie with then boyfriend Ray J.   Porn movie company Vivid Entertainment got the rights to the tape and you can see the outrageously curvy Kim in all her glory and in full action.   Otherwise, this professional putaface is mostly what would be called a socialite, someone who shows up for all the right movie premieres, at all the right nightclubs, and dating well known men.   So good was her putafacing that her family ended up in a short lived reality show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which didn’t seem to last.    However, no matter how things work out for her, Kim Kardashian has certainly learned how to seduce the camera in a big way, she is a true putaface!

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