Lea Michele

Lea Michele is proof that stars often come after years of working it hard on the stage. She did plenty of work on New York on various musicals as she was growing up, and her petite size and looks have allowed this cute star to play roles as a teen well into her twenties (she was born in 1986). In 2009, this musical stage actress got her big break as Rachel Berry in the massive hit show Glee, where she plays the top singer in a high school musical club. She has an impressive voice, but I suspect many guys just tune in to see this sexy star in schoolgirl uniforms and such. Recent stories has her turning into a bit of a diva, including being very upset about a food fight scene for Glee, as there would be meatballs thrown and she is a Vegan. How odd!

More of Lea Michele: Get Glee: The Complete Second Season here!

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