Putaface celebrities and Hollywood Stars

celebrities try to seduce the papparazzi cameras to get more facetime…

Teen Mom Farrah Unintentionally Funny Video

teen mom farrahThe transformation of Farrah Abraham from teen mom to newly minted adult entertainer seems almost complete, every time I see her latest pictures or video she looks more and more like pr0n girl and less and less like Mom. It’s sad that you never see her with her daughter, but then again, perhaps it’s a good thing too. Watching this video that she posted the other day on keek is pretty damn funny too, she is clearly dying for attention and she can’t help but be a putaface, even if it’s her own camera. Moreover, listening to her trying to put together sentences and actually make sense is sad to the point of funny, you sort of can figure out that this girl didn’t get all the fries in her happy meal, if you know what I mean! At least she is doing better than the other famous Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, who just got out of jail after a year and half. Stay classy girls!

Lady Gaga Is Trying Too Hard

lady gaga tries too hardLady Gaga has more or less built her career on keeping her face in the media with one outrageous outfit after another. In the past, those were generally unique and at least somewhat interesting, and best of all, generally kept her face hidden behind masks, big glasses, and veils. Then she sort of went more open in support of her “Born This Way” album, pushing that you should except yourself as you are, even as she packed on 30 plus extra pounds and started popping her stage outfits. Well, one supposed hip surgery later, Lady Gaga is finally back and trying too hard to get attention. Some suggest that she had some plastic surgery or otherwise altered her looks, they say she wasn’t born that way. Her latest attempt to get attention appears to be getting more ridicule, as this silly outfit she worn on a flight recently includes contacts to make her look like she has a blank stair, and whiteout makeup to make her eyebrows disappear. Overall, the effect is unpleasant and undesirable, not something anyone would aspire too. It screams “I am a putaface” and doesn’t at all do anything to boost her appeal. Does anyone even remember her music anymore?

Kim Kardashian Ass Selfie

kim kardashian ass selfieI don’t think there are many things in Hollywood that scream shameless self promotion like selfies (self shot pictures) posted on sites like Instagram or Twitter.

Kim Kardashian knows this very well, and has made sort of a sideline career out of pics like this one. However, considering that she gave birth to the oddly named North West at the end of June, it’s pretty shocking to see her back doing somewhat provocative self shot pics. This one is pretty much right over the top, she’s back to wearing a very tiny bathing suit that does absolutely nothing to keep her rather impressive behind in check. You can click on the image for the bigger picture, but honestly, with her butt, you don’t really need a bigger picture!

Seriously though, this is pretty much the level that shameless self-promotion has reached. According to the TMZ article, she wants to do playboy or some other magazine like that, she is so proud of herself. Amazing stuff!

Kris and Bruce Jenner Seperated

kris jenner kardashianFor Many people, Kris Jenner (nee Kristen Mary Houghton, formerly Kris Kardashian by marriage) is the matriarch and leading force behind the putaface family the Kardashians, with daughters Khloe and Kim being the leading figures. Many people will out and out call her a publicity whore, not shamed at all to do almost anything to get attention and be famous. Her most recent attempt was hosting a daytime syndicated talker called (not shockingly) Kris, where she even tried to play off the reveal of her grand child North West, the baby from her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Even that stunt and all the attention it got in the celeb media wasn’t enough to save her show from getting to the end of a 6 week trial run and being cancelled outright. So now comes the news that long time second husband, former Olympian Bruce Jenner, has made it clear that they have actually been seperated for quite a while, and he is happier away from the pressure of the fame whoring family. It’s another stunning turn for a family that has made everything public and fallen on hard times more than once. With daughter Khloe going through a painful time in her marriage in a very public way, it seems there is nothing that this family won’t do for attention, good or bad!

Simpsons Renewed for 26th Season

homer simpsonIn the world of TV, few stars have gotten the overall pure putaface exposure of Homer Simpson, except perhaps for his slickly drawn son Bart Simpson. The news came out this week that the Simpsons TV show, already the longest running scripted show in history, will be extended for another year by Fox. That means there were be at least 26 seasons of the Simpsons, possibly more as this year the ratings are up 12%! The show has managed to keep itself in the news by being timely and up to date without going to far off the tracks, and has watched as pretty much every other show put around it (from King of the Hill to the god awful The Critic) have come and gone – and this family of “poor yellow trash” continues to crank out the episodes and the press coverage. Rumor has it that a Simpsons / Futurama combined episode is possible, that could be pretty wild – and certainly will get more press for Homer Simpson and his clan!

Britney Spears Forced To Sexualize Her Image

britney spears work itI don’t know if I can take this story too seriously, but hey, it has gotten Britney Spears a little more attention for her Work it B**ch video and single. You have to remember that it’s not more than a couple of years ago that Britney Spears went crazy and has ended up with what might be a life long conservatorship over her life and business (run by her Dad). Her image is carefully crafted, and ever since Hit Me Baby and her very sexualized schoolgirl look, it’s always been about being hot and naughty. Well, suddenly Britney Spears is talking about her latest video and how she had to get it edited to tone it down, because it was too much. “Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it’s just hard to play sexy mom while you’re being a pop star as well.”. Okay then… all I can say is there are more than a few people who would be interested to see what got cut, considering what is actually IN the edited version! Is this story really true, or just another way to get a few more minutes attention for her look and attitude?